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Anastasiya Kvitko hot sexy pics top 50 hottest collection


Anastasiya Kvitko also known as the Russian Kim Kardashian" is a gorgeous instagram supermodel with lovely big boobs/breasts/tits and huge ass/booty and that too with a small and sexy waist line. she has more than 10 million followers on instagram because her fans loves her curvaceous body. she has signed various deals on instagram after getting famous which has made her quite an established model.
Kvitko moved from Russia to the United States to pursue modeling first in Miami then in Los Angeles. She is famous for her 38-24-42 figure. After being turned down by multiple modeling agencies, instead of vowing to lose her curves, she has turned them into her trademark.
Due to her figure and presence on social media, Kvitko, who had over 10 million Instagram followers as of 2019, was dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian. She has been bashed by critics and followers who claim that she is deliberately modelling herself on reality star Kim Kardashian. She said in an interview: “I like Kim Kardashian but I don’t quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me."
Kvitko revealed in an interview in 2016 that during her time in Miami, she was robbed at gunpoint, which caused her to have serious second thoughts about America and her modeling career dreams

ENOUGH of the intro lets jump onto her hottest top 50 pics...

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